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National Biodiversity Month 2023

September 1 September 30 ACST

Celebrating Biodiversity Month

Key dates and activities:

  • 1 September – National Wattle Day
    • Visit wattle in your local area and share a photo of it on social media – tag with #GetIntoNature, #ConnectingWithNature and/or #ConnectingWithCountry or
    • Make wattle seed damper, but buy the wattle seed rather than harvesting it yourself as some wattles can be toxic.
  • 7 September – National Threatened Species Day

Any day in Biodiversity Month

  • Follow the Threatened Species Commissioner on social media to learn more about the actions being taken to protect threatened species
  • Keep a nature journal by recording the animals and plants you have seen over the month and illustrate with drawings and photos.
  • Go on a Bush Blitz expedition to your backyard or a local park (please check your local COVID-19 restrictions first). Learn more about your neighbours – the local species in the nature areas near you!
  • Connect with nature and connect with a community:
    • share your observations of nature with the iNaturalistAU community and get help with identification.
    • download the iNaturalist app and make it easy to name that plant or animal and contribute to citizen science!
    • find out the names of your local plants and animals in the local Indigenous language.
  • Share your experience of connecting with nature on social media by uploading photos, videos and stories with the hashtags #GetIntoNature, #ConnectingWithNature and/or #ConnectingWithCountry
  • Follow our social media channels – there will be lots of Biodiversity Month content to help immerse yourself in nature! Look for: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Parks Australia and the Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about how to deeply experience and look after Country.
    • Listen to Dr Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, an elder, member of the Ngangiwumirr language group and Senior Australian of the Year 2021 and learn dadirri ‘deep listening’.